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 If you are having difficulty with any part of your gamewhy not contact your coaches, send us a message, click the following link Coaches: Email Coach

If you have any questions, or wish to arrange some coaching then please use the link Coaches: Email Coach

One of the coaches will contact you.

All our coaching processes,  follow the aims and objects set down by Bowls NZ, our aim is to help you improve your game, achieve higher skill levels and most of all, more enjoyment and greater participation.

Coaching Video - highly recommended - click the link (green) below.

There are nine short videos, they provide the basis of all Bowls NZ coaching, if you take the time to watch then review and practice you will start seeing some results in your game.

Coaching video from Bowls NZ - YouTube

Jun 28, 2014 - Coaching video created by Bowls NZ, provided to you by Bowls Manawatu. This video takes you through the key skills required to play Lawn ..

 Don't forget your basics, learn and understand each of them.

Pre- mat routine,  1 metre behind the mat, wait for the Skip to advise you which hand and what shot is wanted.

Mat Routine,   FH or BH, Feet placement, bowl orientation, focal line, focal point, delivery speed

Delivery Routine, Pendulum armswing, step, delivery, palm upwards, follow through, stay down, come up slowly.

Post Delivery Routine, Stand up and watch your bowl come to rest. Then retire smartly behind your pre-mat starting point.

 A couple of important points raised last year are:

(1) incorrect balance at time of delivery. Correct balance is essential for correct bowls delivery. If the body’s centre of gravity is not in balance at the time of delivery the bowl will not finish up where you want it. Bowlers with joint problems will experience this problem.

(2) lead foot stepping across in front of anchor foot. This is a common fault. It affects balance as well as shifting the orientation of the hips and shoulders which in turn leads to the body compensating to cause the delivery arm to swing across the body line. For a good delivery the feet, hips and shoulders all have to align with your aiming point at the far end of the rink. Any deviation will lead to an inaccurate delivery.


Not necessarily rules - rather custom and polite procedures. (What you should or should not do in certain circumstances.

October 2015 tip is:-

When the last bowler in a team has played their bowl wait and follow them up the Rink don't barge off in front, this recognises that their team are in possession of the Rink. 

November 2015 tip is:- DON'T  DUMP 

Don't toss bowls onto any Rink/Green, either from the bank, hand, after picking them up, goes in line with "DUMPING", any of these cause damage to the bowling surface, it may not seem to show but it has become evident in the last Championship games when bowls change their line after striking some imperfection in the surface.

Weekly roll-ups and friendly games this doesn't impact much but when serious games are being played it does matter. 

"DUMPING"  is becoming a serious issue, but individual bowlers are not acknowledging they are at fault and are certainly not prepared to do anything to correct the problem.

Please,think of your fellow bowlers, and the Greenkeeper, first thing to do is seek assistance from one of the Club's coaches. If you can't eliminate the problem use a 'Bowling Arm'.

If you don't address the problem then the  Club may ask you to stop bowling. The damage caused is not always apparent but get down on your hands and knees and run  you fingers lightly over the bruised circular marks and you will feel an inverted depression, these depending on depth may take sometime to come right, the worst will need to be top dressed - a Greenkeepers nightmare.  Be a responsible bowler.



All a coach can do, is endeavour to help a bowler with any problem/s point them out and suggest ways to correct them. It is then up to the bowler to work at correcting the fault. This is not easy especially with those who have been bowling for some years. We all acquire good and bad habits, and sometimes the bad habits take considerable effort to correct. 

We will be holding coaching sessions regularly throughout the season, keep your eyes on the noticeboards for information about them.

Meantime, enjoy your bowls, but most of all have fun and enjoy the company you are with